July 31st:
DVP 153 Coltre – Under the Influence LP/CD
DVP 154 Deathstorm – For Dread Shall Reign LP/CD
DVP 155 Midnight Priest – Aggressive Hauntings LP
DVP 157 Venator/Angel Blade – Split LP

August 28th:
DVP 159 Soulcaster – Maelstrom of Death and Steel MLP/MCD
DVP 160 NNM – Neanderthal Noise Machine MLP

Later this year:
Blackevil – 2nd Album, LP/CD
Early Moods – Debut EP, MLP/MCD
Hexecutor – 2nd Album, LP/CD/MC
Iron Kobra – 3rd Album, LP/CD/MC
Megaton Sword – Debut album, LP/CD/MC
Nocturnal – 4th album, LP/CD/MC
Significant Point – Debut Album, LP
Sign Of The Jackal – New EP, MLP/MCD/MC
Tension – New release, LP/CD/MC