Out 26 February

DVP 172 Significant Point – Into the Storm LP/CD
DVP 173 Sandstorm – Desert Warrior MLP/MCD/MC
DVP 174 Night Prowler – No Escape LP

Out 22nd January

DVP 175 Hellpossession – Phantom Aggressor MC
DVP 176 Moon – On the other Side of Daylight MC

Out 26th March

DVP 177 Witchseeker – 2nd Album, Heavy Speed Metal from Singapore LP/CD
DVP 178 Evil – Possesed by Evil PicLP
DVP-R 002 MP – 1st Album reissued, 80s Heavy Speed Metal from Germany LP/CD

Later in 2021

Cherokee – Debut Album, Bluesy Hard Rock from Germany
Eisenhand – Debut Album, Catchy Heavy Metal from Austria
Heavy Sentence – Debut album, Heavy Metal from the UK
Iron Kobra – 3rd Album, Traditional Heavy Metal from Germany
Nocturnal – 4th album, Legendary Black Thrash Metal from Germany
Sign Of The Jackal – New EP, Classic Heavy Metal from Italy
Tension – Debut Album, Traditional Heavy Metal from Germany