Up for pre-order: Iron Curtain, Occvlta, Vigilance, Blackevil & Rotör

DVP 71 Iron Curtain – Guilty as Charged MC Tape version of the third album of the Spanish heavy speed metal band! Comes with a button and sticker.

To be released on May 19th in collaboration with Heavy Chains Records.










DVP 72 Occvlta – Night without […]

DVP Upcoming Releases… Prepare for the tenfold strike!

DVP is back with a vengeance and 2017 is promising to be an exciting year! All of the releases are currently in different phases and are being worked on (layout, photo sessions, cover art) so the release order will definitely be a bit different.

DVP 71 Iron Curtain – Guilty as Charged MC* DVP 72 […]