Summer sale!!!!

Most people are at festivals, busy with transforming their hard-hearned money into beers (I myself did that at Chaos Descends last weekend). But for those that aren’t broke yet:
15 % off the (almost) entire webshop is applied now. Be quick because it won’t last for long and most items are available in limited quantities only!
Help me clear some storage space because Dying Victims Productions got loads new releases in the pipeline for the next few months.
Upcoming releases:
DVP 73 Antagonist – Depths of Hell MC
DVP 77 Hexecutor – Poison , Lust & Damnation LP
DVP 81 JT Ripper / Morbid Panzer – tba 7″
DVP 82 Cadaveric Poison – Cadaveric Poison MC
DVP 83 Infant Death – Total Hell MC
DVP 84 Infant Death – Violent Rites MC
DVP 85 Spiker – tba MC
DVP 86 Entrench – Through the Walls of Flesh MC
DVP 87 Entrench – Violent Procreation MC
DVP 88 Thrash Attack zine #11
DVP 89 Vulture – High Speed Metal – The Guillotine MC
DVP 90 Throaat – Reflections in Darkness LP/CD