DVP 128 Aggressive Perfector – Satan’s Heavy Metal MCD
Manchester’s new power trio Aggressive Perfector unleashed a strictly limited 4-track demo in 2016 but the thrashing speed metal was way too good to remain unheard by so many. So just before the band is ready to deliver their debut album later this year (also on DVP), it was decided to enhance the demo with a 5th track and re-release it. Great Thrash/Speed Metal with a clear nod to the old masters, yet never sounding dated or like an imitation.









DVP 126 Bandit – Stand & Deliver MCD
Finnish one-man-act Bandit is completely new to the scene. Bitchlord, who takes care of all the instruments here, however, has been around with his main black thrash band Terror Cross for a while. Thus, these first 6 tracks don’t seem like a first attempt at all. Bandit is blackened speed metal mania to the bone and has been compared to acts such as Toxic Holocaust, Midnight or even mighty Venom. Get your fix or “Get Nuked”!










DVP 125 Challenger – Challenger MCD
The very first sign of life by Slovenian Challenger. Yet, as their members are experienced musicians and ex members of acts such as black heavy metal beast Vigilance (their first singer who recorded “Steeds of Time”) or progressive thrashers Teleport, you will be taken aback by their great take at heavy speed metal. Drawing big time influences from the unmatched scene of the NWOBHM, this 4-piece creates their very own style. Expect to hear more from Challenger!










DVP 124 Vigilance – Enter the endless Abyss LP/CD
With their 4th full length under the bulletbelts, Slovenia’s Vigilance are poised to make their grandest strike yet with “Enter theEndless Abyss”. Aptly titled, the album is indeed a dark and dynamic plunge into the beyond, but galloping gloriously with the eternal luminescence of heavy metal might! Here, Vigilance make their boldest strides forward in songwriting, expertly working with light and shade to create immediately memorable and yet simultaneously mysterious anthems, epic yet judiciously compact sonic storytelling where head/fistbanging takes center stage and full ensemble playing colors each of those eight tales with finesse and fire. For all the old school maniacs that like their heavy metal dark, fast and full of great melodies.









DVP 123 Hitten – State of Shock CD
DVP 122 Hitten – First Strike with the Dev
il CD
The Spanish heavy metal heroes of Hitten are already well known in the scene with 3 strong, yet versatile albums and loads of great gigs and tours under their belt. Their traditional heavy metal with strong, high pitched vocals has won them many fans who keep nagging the band to keep their older material in print. Therefore Dying Victims Productions was happy to reissue their debut album “First strike with the Devil” from 2014 and “State of Shock” from 2016. Both were treated to a new layout and the latter even got enhanced with a bonus track, a great cover version of a DIO classic. For those that just got to know them recently, or missed out on their albums before, get your copies now!























DVP 120 Road Warrior – Power MC
After a killer (yet too short!) demo tape on HMH and Heavy Chains Records, the Australians are finally here to unleash their debut album. The great Mad Max-style cover raises expectations and Road Warrior are here to meet them. The three piece has been active in all kinds of well known bands such as Cauldron Black Ram, Mournful Congregation, Johnny Touch, Martire or Stargazer and simply cannot fail in reviving the feeling of old Priest, Maiden, Twisted Sister or Riot. Unless many other new metal bands they also manage to release an album which sounds homogenous yet never the same or repetitive.











DVP 116 Torpedo – Rocking Hard CD
When Sergeant Salsten from Deathhammer took a break from the freezing north and headed over to live down under in Tasmania, he was bound to meet Will Spectre. Despite the many bands and projects always running such as Tarot, The Wizar’d, Spectre or Dracula, the two teamed up and decided to record some quick and dirty speed Metal. Within a few months, they recorded two tapes with a total of 7 tracks that were only available on tape. This CD reissue is changing it and makes the music available again. Expect raw metal made with almost juvenile passion for this great genre.











DVP 118 Power from Hell – Lust and Violence LP
Brazilian leading black thrash monster Power from Hell is constantly trying to keep their extensive back catalogue in print and therefore have once again teamed up with Dying Victims Productions to bring back their 2011 album “Lust and Violence” to honorary vinyl. Previously released in very limited numbers by local Mafer Records, this has been basically unavailable for most fans and collectors of their music. In addition, there is a brand new bonus track which shows their development in sound and style. To all the filthy metal sleazers out there, these guys are your new heroes.








DVP 109 Hexecutor – Hangmen of Roazhon MCD
The French maniacs of Hexecutor are working on new material, yet noticed that record flippers are trying to earn big money on the long time sold out 7”. So naturally they wanted their 4 track ep re-released. The songs were remastered and now their merciless thrash metal onslaught sounds even stronger than before. Beware! After many requests following the MLP version, the MCD version is now here.