DVP 107 Crime – First Crime CD

This short-lived Chilean two-piece is out to play dirty classic heavy metal, drawing influences from hard rock and 80s punk as well. Now they have teamed up with Dying Victims Productions to finally release their 2017 debut ep, enhanced with one bonus track, on cd.












DVP 106 Nightmare – Nightmare MC

This new four piece from California impresses despite their short time together with four great, varied songs which are both speedy and heavy as well as show their traditional heavy metal influences.













DVP 105 Megathérion – Megathérion MC

This new monster is totally dedicated to the ancient black thrash mania. Their first output shows a strong line up which contains (ex-)members of Cruel Force and Eurynomos. Only after minutes the raging riffs and barking vocals will make you hunger for a full length.












DVP 104 Schafott – The black Flame MC

(Ex) members of Abyssous, Chörnyj Woron and Roadkill deliver an impressive black thrash metal record which expands the limits of the genre by including longer tracks with lots of variations. Sinister and dark aggression meets (sometimes) melancholic melodies. Nevertheless always authentic and old school.













DVP 103 Dungeon – Purifying Fire MC
Great old school speed metal from London, UK. Mixing in some elements of death and heavy metal the four piece attacks posers with a purifying fire. This 6 track ep is a treat for every old school speed metal maniac!












DVP 101 Wardance – Heaven is for sale LP / CD

28 years after the initial release this piece of overlooked power/speed metal is finally available for the hungry masses once again! The band which started out in 1986 released their one and only full length in 1990, yet this record does not show any typical 90‘s sickness of many traditional metal bands. Strong female vocals give the record a great individual touch. Remastered from the original recordings, the vinyl version stays close to the original while the CD version is enhanced with some bonus tracks.













DVP 100 Sign of the Jackal – Breaking the Spell CD / MC

Ten years after their first demo this Italian 5-piece is back! Their second album picks up exactly where they stopped with their 2013 “Mark of the Beast” album. Great traditional heavy metal with a powerful vocal performance by their singer Laura. If bands like Warlock or Acid sound right to your ears, you will love Sign of the Jackal as well. The 8 new tracks + intro are perfect material for each and every old school headbanger out there.













DVP 99 Luzifer – Black Knight / Rise MC

Despite the massive success of their killer main band Vulture Steeler and Genözider find enough time to quench their thirst for heavy metal. They draw influences from iconic acts such as Heavy Load or Mercyful Fate and celebrate traditional heavy metal the way it is supposed to be.













DVP 98 Spectre – Silver Invaders / Stand Alone 7″

Hobart’s creative mastermind Will (Tarot, The Wizar’d, Torpedo, Dracula) is back with two perfect tracks of traditional heavy metal. Nice guitar work, great melodies, slightly melancholic vocals and a vibe that reminds of the old 80s’ scene from Scandinavia. Makes you long for more material!











DVP 97 Cherokee – Wakan Tanka Nici Un MLP
The Cologne based act Cherokee appeared on the scene with their 2015 “Ridin’ Free” demo tape which was also released on 7”. Cherokee aims for a bluesy, yet hard rocking sound which is influenced by bands such as Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, The Outlaws, ZZ Top, AC/DC, Winterhawk or Blue Öyster Cult.














DVP 95 Iron Kobra – Kerker & Drachen 7″
The German underground heroes are back and two years after their amazing sophomore album they want to honour their old German metal scene, the East German GDR scene in particular. Thus they composed two tunes with lyrics in their native tongue. Writing German lyrics is a challenge which they mastered without a doubt. For all those that want their traditional metal epic yet heavy and fast!













DVP 94 Tension – Tension MLP
These newcomers are gonna blow you away! The first four songs they have ever recorded are awesome hard rocking heavy metal with intriguing and sometimes slightly melancholic vocals. Each and every track will get stuck in your head immediately.














DVP 92 Power from Hell – Spikes ‘n’ Blood MLP
The Brazilian three piece delivers another slab of black, speed, thrash metal madness. This time they put the black metal influences into the foreground but never leave their filthy roots from the 2004 “The true Metal” LP behind.















DVP 96 Terrörhammer – In the Name of Hell MCD
Some years after their 2015 debut album “Under the unholy Command” the Serbians are back with their barbaric blend of black, speed and thrash metal. For fans of the first wave of black metal!