DVP 80 Indian Nightmare – Taking Back the Land LP
Second pressing of their killer debut LP in collaboration with Plastic Bomb! International punks based in Berlin worshiping speed/thrash metal!

Indian Nightmar












DVP 79 Rotör – Musta käsi CD
CD version of the debut album of this killer heavy speed metal band from Finland.














DVP 78 Blackevil – The ceremonial Fire LP
Gatefold LP version of the debut album of German Black thrash insanity.
Regular edition on black wax and comes with lyrics on gatefold, a poster, download code and sticker. Special edition comes on bronze vinyl with an additional patch.BE (800x800)












DVP 76 Entrench – Inevitable Decay MC
Tape version of the debut album of the Swedish thrashers! maket Tape.indd












DVP 75 Cultist – Pillars of Flesh MC
Tape version of the second demo of this young German death metal band!cultistcover








DVP 74 Vigilance – Hammer of Satans Vengeance LP/CD
LP and CD version of the third album of Black speed mania from Slovenia.Vigilance (800x800)










DVP 72 Occvlta – Night without End CD
Debut album on CD by this German back-to-basics black metal outfit!Occvlta (800x796)










DVP 71 Iron Curtain – Guilty as Charged MC

Tape version of the third album of the Spanish heavy speed metal band! Comes with a button and sticker.IronCurtain