DVP 70 Deathstorm – The Gallows Ep 10″

Raging thrash metal 86 style is what Deathstorm stands for. On the edge to death/thrash the Austrians torture you with shredding riffs and haunting insane vocals. 4 new tracks.Deathstorm-front













DVP 67 Poseidon – Back from the Depths – an Anthology CD

Reissue of the undeservedly overlooked German thrash band Poseidon’s one and only MLP and preceding demo. Both were released in 1989.














DVP 65 Dresden – Anthology DCD

Reissue of the overlooked but great thrash album “Too many Skeletons” by the US band Dresden, originally released in ‘86. The second CD includes tracks from recording sessions that should have become the second album, “Reign of Terror the Dark Lords”, but were never unleashed.Dresden-anthology







DVP 64 Mion’s Hill – Torture LP

The Norwegian horde which hails early black/death metal recorded 4 new tracks which constitute the A side and add a remastered version of their demo on B side. Mion's-Hill---Torture












DVP 63 Vigilance – Hounds of Megiddo LP

The Slovenian maniacs Vigilance leave their eerie Mercyful Fate inspired heavy metal behind and venture into the realm of black/speed metal with raw vocals, evoking a rough early 80s atmosphere.vigilance-cover












DVP 62 Satan’s Cross – Satan’s Cross 7”

Drawing musical and theatrical influences from various forms of extreme metal, Mexican Satan’s Cross are fascinated by the darkness created by such as Mortuary Drape and Death SS. Their debut EP features two tracks mixing together black, heavy, doom and thrash metal elements.Front cover












DVP 61 Whipstriker/Bastardizer – Strike Of The Bastard 10″

Brazilian metalpunks Whipstriker are well known familiars in the DVP ranks, and Australian black/thrashers Bastardizer complement this split perfectly. 10″ Mlp with 3 tracks each with evil artwork by Sickness666.















DVP 60 Throaat – Evil Dead/The Light 7″ outside RGB sample small

An authentic and filthy mix of black, thrash and heavy metal in its earliest form.







DVP 59 Sanctifying Ritual – Sadistic Remains MC SOLD OUT cover

Filthy old school death metal from Germany, reissue of the two demos.











DVP 58 Witch Blade – Oskuldernas Eld LP

These newcomers from Sweden follow the path of both the old legends as well as newer bands that dedicated themselves to traditional heavy metal. Witch Blade, however, sings in their mother tongue. Witchblade Cover













DVP 57 Iron Kobra – Might and Magic LP/CD/MC SOLD OUT

cover1500Superb second album of traditional and individual heavy/speed metal.



























DVP 52 Bastard Priest – Ghouls of the endless Night MC (sold out)Bastard Priest - Ghouls of the endless Night MC

Crushing old school death metal from Sweden, finally on tape.










DVP 51 Bastard Priest – Under the Hammer of Destruction MC (sold out)

Crushing old school death metal from Sweden, finally on tape. uthod-cover