DVP 34: Iron Curtain – Jaguar Spirit CD SOLD OUT

Iron Curtain - Jaguar Spirit

Great 2nd album by this speed metal band from Spain. Traditional heavy metal that will kick your ass. Comes in slipcase with an alternative cover.






DVP 33: Iron Dogs – Free and Wild CD SOLD OUT

Iron Dogs - Free and Wild

Killer 2nd album by the Canadian two piece. Mix some nwobhm influences, traditional heavy and speed metal and you got their sound.






DVP 32: Perversifier – Perverting the Masses MC SOLD OUT

Perversifier - Perverting the Masses MC

Tape version of this great black thrash album from France. Debut album.









DVP 31: Horacle – A Wicked Procession CD

Horacle - A Wicked Procession

After a great ep in 2011 these Belgian heavy metal maniacs are back with a new EP. All new material plus a bonus cover song of one of the most classic heavy metal songs.







DVP 30: Walpurgis Night – Midnight Wanderer LP

walpurgis night - midnight wanderer

Traditional Heavy Metal from Italy. Less catchy and straight forward than their debut album, this five piece has evolved to a slightly more complex sound. Nevertheless heavy metal to the bone!





DVP 29: Whipstriker / Power from Hell – Brazilian Bestial Attack LP

Whipstriker & Power from Hell - Brazilian Bestial Attack

The Brazilians strike back! Whipstriker is the metalpunk brainchild of Victor from scene veterans Farscape and Diabolic Force among others and they meet with the two perverted maniacs of Power from Hell that attack with distorted blackened thrash metal.





DVP 28: Metal Inquisitor – Euthanasia by Fire 7″

Metal Inquisitor - Euthanasia by Fire

The long running, spearhead of traditional heavy metal from Germany is back with two tracks from their great gig at Keep it True 2008 featuring two legendary guest singers of the NWOBHM!






DVP 27: Vigilance – Steeds of Time MLP

Vigilance - Steeds of Time

Great young band from Slovenia! These young guys know really well how to create a harmonic blend of the NWOBHM sound mixed with European speed metal. The vinyl version of their debut EP features a bonus track.





DVP 26: Iron Kobra – Dungeon Masters MC SOLD OUT/CD/LP SOLD OUT

Iron Kobra - Dungeon Masters

The crusade started in 2008 and after several demos, EPs, splits and a live record, the German heavy / speed metal act Iron Kobra finally unleashed their debut album „Dungeon Masters“.
11 Tracks of traditional metal for all the Kobra Krusaders out there.