DVP 25: Witching Hour- Past Midnight… MC SOLD OUT

Wiching Hour - Past Midnight mc

Finally also their 2nd killer black/thrash album on Tape. Lots of heavy metal influence as well. Including 3 bonus tracks.






DVP 24: Iron Curtain – Road to Hell CD SOLD OUT

Iron Curtain - Road to Hell

Great traditional heavy speed metal delivered by this hungry act from Southern Spain. Includes also a special cover version as a bonus.







DVP 23: Thrash Attack Zine #10 SOLD OUT

30 years of German speed and thrash metal, 212 pages, Din A4 sized and pro printed, filled with tons of interviews.








DVP 22: Eliminator – Krieg Thrash CD

Eliminator - Krieg Thrash

The great debut album of this pure and merciless thrashing beast from Germany! Comes with an unexpected cover song







DVP 21: Iron Dogs – Cold Bitch CD SOLD OUT

Obscure heavy/speed metal from Canada. Cool old heavy metal and NWOBHM vibe.








DVP 20: Attic / Walpurgis Night – Split 7” SOLD OUT

Two awesome metal acts unite for this 7” and contribute one new song each. Great singers and traditional heavy metal melt together and will amaze every fan of the classic sound.







DVP 19: Lethal Saint – Saint strikes back 7” SOLD OUT

Even in places such like Cyprus there are some maniacs that know how real heavy metal has to sound like. These guys draw a good dose of influence from the NWOBHM and offer two powerful metal hymns.






DVP 18: Axecuter – Innocence is our Excuse 7″ SOLD OUT

Axecuter - Innocence is our Excuse

These guys from Brazil are totally devoted to the old heavy/speed/thrash metal scene and will destroy your ears with two new songs.







DVP 17: Demona – Metal through the Time CD SOLD OUT

The debut album from this speed metal woman. Now a full band and located in Canada, the band has gained even more power to unleash a raging speed metal attack in the veins of Vectom or Iron Angel.






DVP 15: Hellkommander/Farscape – I piss on your Grave 7”

One new track from both bands. Hellkommander play old fashioned death metal in the vein of Hellhammer, Sodom and Poison, Farscape stand for ripping thrash metal in the old teutonic tradition!






DVP 014: Witching Hour – Rise of the Desecrated MC SOLD OUT

The highly appreciated debut album from this Teutonic blackened Thrash act. Killer juvenille aggression yet not pure chaos or sloppiness. Re-released on tape with tree bonus cover songs.









DVP 04: Ruins – Chambers of Perversion MC SOLD OUT

This one was planned as an early ’10 release but was delayed because of some problems. Several new songs of blackened thrash blasphemy of this project. Expect only some slightly different vocals (still killer), no changes in attitude and sound. The tape will come in three different colors.