DVP 016: Borrowed Time – Fog in the Valley 7″ SOLD OUT

Borrowed Time - Fog in the Valley

A new band that knows where all the good metal comes from! Traditional strong yet melodic heavy metal that hails acts like Cirith Ungol, Gotham City or Diamond Head.




DVP 013: Demona/Acid Evil – Acid Demons MC SOLD OUT

Male supremacy isn’t always correct. These two females from Chile and Ecuador create each on her own top notch speed metal. Their previous releases were all pretty limited, so this split tape will hopefully increase the underground’s attention towards their music.






DVP 012: Whipstriker / Germ Bomb – Midnight Parasites MC SOLD OUT

Brazilian rocking metal punks unite with Swedish thrash metal crusties under the banner of the „Midnight Parasites“.






DVP 08: Iron Kobra – Iron Kobra Battlesword MC SOLD OUT

Iron Kobra - Battlesword

Finally the tape version of their second output. The self released cd is almost sold out, so here you get a new chance to obtain this great blend of heavy/speed metal with Japanese ideology.






DVP 07: Necronomicon Beast – Necromando MC SOLD OUT

After their one and only mlp, they recorded some more songs before there was silence. These tracks were supposed to be out on 2 7”s, but never saw the light of day, so years after this war theme obsessed thrashing speed metal is out on tape, together with a bonus rehearsal.