DVP 09: Occvlta – We command the Wolves MC SOLD OUT

Occvlta - we command the Wolves

Pretty delayed due to new recording sessions and additional songs, but this black metal bastard of all that stands for REAL metal will be worth the wait. Combining 70ies doom, 80ies metal and 90ies black metal gives them a real fresh and atmospheric vibe!






DVP 06: Riotor – Beast of Riot MC SOLD OUT

Riotor - Beast of Riot

Two demos and the thrashing has no end. Now this is the tape version of their debut album of pure killing death/thrash from Canada. Recorded in a very professional way, this isn’t a cheapo!





DVP 05: Hellkommander – Death to my Enemies MC SOLD OUT


This is the re-release of the 07 debut album of this Brazilian death metal three piece. Enhanced with 3 bonus songs from a great sounding rehearsal. Exreme metal how it was played in the late 80ies. Including members of Farscape, Sodomizer and many more…






DVP 03: Warhammer – No Beast so fierce MC SOLD OUT

I’m really proud to be able to release this awesome piece of ancient death metal on tape. These long time Hellhammer maniax really managed to record a great comeback record that should please any fan of the band. The tape version includes a bonus track too. So better support them! Released in January 2010!






DVP 02: Vault – Fuck off and die! MC SOLD OUT

Next was this Malaysian act with their follow up ep to the great 06 demo and the split ep. This one was way more traded so you might be able to find it in a distro near you. In opposite to tons of boring copycats that carry the same worn out retro thrash spirit, Vault enhanced their speed/thrash metal with some slight punk influences.

After the experience of the first release, I decided to switch from self dubbed to pro done tapes and I tell you the Vault cassette looks way better! So I’ll continue doing this. Still the first 33 copies (of 333) will come with shirt and button.





DVP 01: Iron Kobra – Cult of the Snake MC SOLD OUT

Iron Kobra - Cult of the Snake

This awesome first demo of my German friends is already completely sold out from me, maybe you’ll find it in some distro!? With their blend of traditional heavy and speed metal and their japan/glam image they didn’t invent anything, but offered an alternative to all the black/thrash bands that rise from Germany. An ep (pro cd) is on its way and some months later I’ll provide once again the tape version with some bonus stuff. Watch out!!!