Out now: DVP 64 Mion’s Hill – Torture LP

Mions HIll

Out now: DVP 63 Vigilance – Hounds of Megiddo LP

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Out now: DVP 61 Whipstriker/Bastardizer – Strike of the Bastard 10″

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Out now: DVP 57 Iron Kobra – Might and Magic LP



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New releases up for preorder!

Up for preorder!

DVP 65 Dresden DCD and DVP 67 Poseidon CD out now!

DVP 65 Dresden – Anthology Double CD
Reissue of the overlooked but great thrash album “Too many Skeletons” by the US band Dresden, originally released in ‘86. The second CD includes tracks from recording sessions that should have become the second album, “Reign of Terror the Dark Lords”, but were never unleashed.














DVP 67 Poseidon – Back from the Abyss – The Anthology CD
Reissue of the undeservedly overlooked German thrash band Poseidon’s one and only MLP and preceding demo. Both were released in 1989.

DVP 59 Sanctifying Ritual MC and DVP 60 Throaat 7″ released

DVP 59 Sanctifying Ritual – Sadistic Remains MC
Disgusting and filthy underground death metal from Germany. Compilation Tape of their two demo tapes.



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DVP 60 Throaat – The Light/Evil Dead 7″

Hailing from New York the three piece of Throaat does not hide their evil and primitive intentions. An authentic and filthy mix of black, thrash and heavy metal in its earliest form is what they are producing. Expect a dark, eerie atmosphere and killer artwork for this 7” cover folder!


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DVP 57 Iron Kobra – Might and Magic CD and MC out now!

The Heavy Metal Warriors of Iron Kobra are finally back with their second album “Might and Magic”. Taking no prisoners they deliver 8 new hymns of real, speedy heavy metal.

The CD and MC version are out now. Unfortunately there was a problem with the Tshirt and Muscle Shirts, so please allow some extra time and have some more patience. It is not in my hands at the moment.
Lp version is at the pressing plant but due to the Record Store Day it will take some more time.