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Another batch of great new bands:

DVP 159 Soulcaster - Maelstrom of Death and Steel MLP/MCD
DVP 160 NNM - Neanderthal Noise Machine MLP

DVP 129 Aggressive Perfector - Havoc at the Midnight Hour LP (repress)

Release date: 28th August

Pre-orders will start shipping one week prior to the release date and you can save 1€ compared to the later sales price.
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Release Date: 28th August

DVP 159 Soulcaster - Maelstrom of Death and Steel MLP/MCD

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present SOULCASTER’s striking debut mini-album, Maelstrom of Death and Steel, on CD and 12” vinyl formats.

A brand-new entity hailing from Belgium, the sword-swinging brigands of SOULCASTER shall make their mark across the metal underground with their five-song Maelstrom of Death and Steel. In a swift-but-satisfying 22 minutes, SOULCASTER erect towers of fantastical heavy metal might, evincing a stout grasp of epic-yet-punchy songwriting and a whole host of unique contrasts which render this recording advanced beyond the band’s young years. Raw yet refined, atmospheric yet aggressive, moody yet majestic, SOULCASTER bring to life both bloodshed and arcane intrigue, swords and sorcery. Not for nothing is the record titled Maelstrom of Death and Steel: the name embodies the ongoing turmoil in Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson, the book series that lends the band its moniker and forms the setting for the entire EP

Initially, the concept behind SOULCASTER was to recast forebears of the epic metal tradition – Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, Slough Feg, and early Blind Guardian – and their literary antecedents (Tolkien, Moorcock, Robert E. Howard) and do a modern interpretation of it: thus, newer fantasy as the inspiration, and also more contemporary classicist heavy metal like Eternal Champion, Sumerlands, and Visigoth. But, what results across Maelstrom of Death and Steel is entirely SOULCASTER’s, as the band’s blend of musical influences both metal and otherwise makes the record a rich ‘n’ sumptuous feast of fantasy and fanaticism. Of especial note is the rhythmic thrust they employ, galloping like steeds of the apocalypse or at least in a manner more post-punk than other epic metal battalions – truly, sounds of the battlefield here – which are all the more heightened by the big and booming and somehow distant production style, lending even more mystery to SOULCASTER’s ruminations on steel & spell.

Unselfconsciously unique whilst honoring heavy metal’s iron-clad customs, SOULCASTER thrust you into a Maelstrom of Death and Steel!
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Release Date July 31st
DVP 157 Venator / Angel Blade - Split LP

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a special split album between Austria’s VENATOR and Germany’s ANGEL BLADE on vinyl LP format.

Combining debut demos/EPs by both bands, this split album brings together two exciting new talents in traditional metal on the format so fitting for such: VINYL! On one side is VENATOR’s Paradiser EP. Featuring killer, era-authentic artwork reminiscent of Mausoleum Records’ mid-‘80s heyday, VENATOR’s entry here is three moody ‘n’ melodic tracks which have a subtly anthemic quality; just as equally, one can feel the chill of night blow across Paradiser. The uniquely retro-futuristic production simply accentuates the atmospheric push and pull – and already, VENATOR are hard at work on their debut album for DYING VICTIMS. (The label will also release Paradiser as a standalone CD and cassette.)

On the other side is ANGEL BLADE’s self-titled debut demo, which was originally released on cassette but has created high demand for other formats since. And it’s not difficult to discover why, as Angel Blade literally sounds like a lost demo from 1981: so authentic is ANGEL BLADE’s study of ancient NWOBHM and Scandinavian metal, you’ll be checking the calendar as each of these three shimmering, steel-clad tracks takes a hold.

Together, you’ll be in thrall to VENATOR and ANGEL BLADE’s classic metal mesmerism!
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HEAVY METAL SALE! Selected Dying Victims releases are now up to 50% cheaper!

Since many many great new releases are scheduled, I need to make some room and want to offer the opportunity to buy some of the older DVP releases for great prices.

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PRE-ORDER: Death Racer MC, Hexenbrett CD, Night Eternal/Hexenbrett MLP Repress

Dying Victims Productions is proud to announce the Pre-orders of the following new releases and represses:

DVP 152 Death Racer – Qualifying MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present DEATH RACER’s debut demo “Qualifying” on music cassette.

Three maniacs from Austria were brought together by their evil appreciation of burning rubber on hot asphalt. Bruce Pirelli, Frankenstein and Johnny Brise are all experienced musicians in bands such as Kringa, Hagzissa, Eisenhand or Chainbreaker, yet decided they needed to hail SPEED METAL enhanced with nods to rough heavy metal and gnarly punk attitude. Care for some insane shrieks close to Deathhammer, then put on your helmet and get into your racer. After all, what is more insane than speeding with 300 km/h and crashing straight into a concrete wall?

All Tapes with Sticker and Button

Release date: 24th April

DVP 140 Hexenbrett – Erste Beschwörung  MCD edition + MLP Repress

HEXENBRETT is an entity that provides cemetery sounds exclusively. The first invocation, fittingly entitled Erste Beschwörung, is a sample of what will follow in the future. Roaming ancient dungeons with sword in one hand and torch in the other, HEXENBRETT conjures the madness and mysticism of olde-worlde black metal, when unorthodoxy was celebrated and no blueprints yet existed – only paths to be blazed! Indeed does HEXENBRETT blaze across this four-song/19-minute offering, remaining firmly rooted in the purest metals but fanning those flames with a creepy, coffin-dwelling atmosphere that puts Erste Beschwörung in a league all its own, also incorporating eldritch doom and deathrock into this wildly bubbling cauldron. And it’s early days still…

No boundaries, no limitations: HEXENBRETT digs its own unique grave with Erste Beschwörung, and the cemetery is wide-fucking-open. The spell was cast, the demons are here – let the haunting begin!

REPRESS with slightly adjusted layout and patch.
Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
Special edition on clear vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.

MCD comes with Sticker

Release date: late May


DVP 127 The Night Eternal – The Night Eternal MLP Repress

Although THE NIGHT ETERNAL’s first public recording, already, these Germans are evincing the mastery of veterans. Across their three original compositions and a reverentially poignant cover of Judas Priest’s “(Take These) Chains,” the quintet concoct a supremely powerful and stirringly moody sort of heavy metal, both traditionally pure-steel in their dynamics yet also brimming with epicness and a sort of forlorn heroism. In fact, early ’80s Judas Priest is an apt reference for The Night Eternal‘s night-prowling style, all gleaming chrome and classy, but bespeaking an ever-present darkness beneath that alluring exterior. Of course, hooks are massive as are the commanding vocals of frontman Ricardo, who’s already on his way to being a first class heavy metal singer in his own right, but it’s the chemistry among the five members of THE NIGHT ETERNAL that puts this beyond most other debut recordings: truly, their fire and fluidity are magick to behold! Appropriately moody cover art courtesy of Brouemaster Visual Decay.

Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
Special edition on white vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and new patch.

Release date: late May




OUT NOW! Midas – Demo Tapes LP // Crypt Dagger – From Below MLP

Dying Victims Productions is proud to announce that these two releases are out now:

DVP 142 Midas – Demo Tapes LP/CD

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the first two demos of MIDAS on vinyl LP format under the title Demo Tapes.

Hailing from the mean streets of Detroit, MIDAS are a four-piece band of hard rock warriors. Theirs is an ancient, time-lost sound, recalling rock ‘n’ roll’s first transitions into proto-metal during the hazy, crazy ‘70s. But, MIDAS are not simply retro-retread plagiarists looking to (hazily, lazily) replicate the past; this era and style of music BURNS within them, and it bursts forth with effervescence and excitement across their two demos to date.

Both released during 2019, MIDAS’ Solid Gold Heavy Metal and Still Hungry each feature four effervescent, exciting songs, and both trounce most bands regular recordings. Brimming with a startling, stultifying confidence, Solid Gold Heavy Metal (which occupies Side A of this DYING VICTIMS vinyl edition) patiently builds eldritch grooves guided by narrative lead work. There’s a subtle yet no-less-dazzling mysticism here recalling earliest Scorpions, Judas Priest, and even trio-era Thin Lizzy – just witness the demo’s eerily breathtaking closer, “Blackened Blade” – as well as subsequent legends Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol. The heavier stylings of the latter begin to come to the fore on Still Hungry, here occupying Side B. Now fully into late ‘70s heavy metal mode, MIDAS move beyond the moodiness of their first demo to more epic and fantastical landscapes, kicking up the octane and cruising into the night with the ever-aptly titled “Street Knights.” Together, both demos could verily hold together as an exceptionally tight ‘n’ thematic album-length work.

DYING VICTIMS couldn’t be more excited to unleash the majesty ‘n’ mysticism of America’s MIDAS to a worldwide audience. Take a trip back in time – and into the future – with Demo Tapes!

Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
Special edition on colored vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.



DVP 144 Crypt Dagger – From Below MLP

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present CRYPT DAGGER’s From Below mini-album on 12” vinyl format.

Like a brightly burning star, CRYPT DAGGER burst into the night at the dawn of 2019. A two-song rehearsal introduced their boisterous, belligerent ways before the four-song Tales of Torment EP followed. Here, the full rapacious nature of CRYPT DAGGER revealed itself with rudeness and crudeness: filth-banging, black-as-pitch SPEED METAL with a heavy debt to punk, as well as such surprising influences as Devo, The Mummies, and early B-52s. And it was only the start!

Now, under the guiding gaze of DYING VICTIMS, CRYPT DAGGER shall spring from the gutter and into heavy metal vomit parties worldwide with From Below! Comprising eight songs in a swift ‘n’ satisfying 24 minutes, this special MLP comprises the four tracks of Tales of Torment with three more brand-new ones as well as an all-too-fitting cult cover of Dead Moon. Names vividly invoked include Carnivore, Razor, Hallows Eve, Nasty Savage, Living Death, and of course earliest Bathory and Venom, but all done with Road Warrior sense of style: maximum overdrive, total penetration! And again, this is only the start…

Go way, way down with CRYPT DAGGER’s From Below – only for the creepiest of creeps!

Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
Special edition on colored vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.




Single Testpressings for sale

Many single copies of DVP-TESTPRESSINGS are now availble in the shop.

Out Now! At War T-Shirts

!! OUT NOW !!

Two official AT WAR shirt designs!

At War – Ordered to Kill
At War – Retaliatory Strike

Dying Victims Productions is proud to collaborate with the mighty and long running grunts of AT WAR. Together we celebrate their two first records of old school thrash metal with two killer designs by Dark Dungeons Atelier.

Printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton Shirts.




P.S.: Pre-orders will go out on monday.