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Distro Update October 2019

Distro Update:

Black Cyclone – Death is King
Chevalier – Destiny Calls
Convent Guilt – Diamond cut Diamond
Demon Head – Ride The Wilderness

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Info regarding delays of upcoming releases

Unfortunately, there will be a delay for the upcoming records. I heard back from the pressing plant and I need to adjust the release dates:

DVP 134 Megaton Sword – Niralet
DVP 135 Midnight Prey – Uncertain Times
DVP 136 Galaxy – Lost From the Start

=> will be released on 8. November
Since this is quite some delay, I will include some free extras with all the pre-orders that came in until today.

DVP 129 Aggressive Perfector – Havoc at the Midnight Hour
DVP 137 Matterhorn – Crass Cleansing
=> will be released on 22. November

Sorry about the extended waiting time!

Distro Update August 2019

DVP has stocked loads of killer items from some of the best metal labels and distros world wide:

Distro Update August

Adversor –  The End Of Mankind
Alien Force – Hell and High Water
Bat – Axestasy
Black Oath – To Below and Beyond

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10 years of Dying Victims Productions!

2019 marks the 10th (active) year of Dying Victims Productions! Cheers to all the killer bands releasing their music through DVP and fans buying underground metal in the shop!!!

Along with the high class releases which have been released so far this year and are going to be released in the next months, there are be several upgrades and changes happening during the rest of the year. Too early to mention them all, but there are two things for now:

1. Shipping:
Since the quality of “Hermes” has deteriorated drastically in the last year, DVP will now exclusively ship through German Post and DHL. Prices will be a bit cheaper for most weight classes.

2. Distribution:
DVP has joined ranks with a digital distributor (world wide) which means that you’ll be able to buy/stream new releases on all of the big (and several smaller) services from now on.
DVP will also cooperate with a physical distributor (Germany, Austria, Swizerland) starting in August. Of course, trades and wholesales directly through DVP will still be possible.

Expect more big news in August!

Upcoming releases:
DVP 129 Aggressive Perfector – Havoc At The Midnight Hour LP/CD
DVP 134 Megaton Sword – Niralet MLP/MCD
DVP 135 Midnight Prey – Uncertain Times LP/CD/MC
DVP 136 Galaxy Aus – Lost From the Start MLP/MCD
DVP 137 MATTERHORN – Crass Cleansing LP/CD
and many more!

PRE-ORDER: Aggressive Perfector LP/CD + Matterhorn LP/CD

DVP 129 Aggressive Perfector – Havoc At The Midnight Hour LP/CD

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR’s striking debut album, Havoc at the Midnight Hour, on CD, vinyl LP and digital formats.

Following up their 2016 release Satan’s Heavy Metal, Aggressive Perfector’s debut full length, Havoc At The Midnight Hour, finds the English trio in resolutely evil form as they take a major step forward on their path of destruction.Embracing a wealth of haunted sounds and textures, this sepulchral slab of metal conjures an atmosphere rich in the romantic repugnance of horror’s past masters which it uses the setting for a 37 minute nightmare of nocturnal menace, occult fascination and bloody vengeance.

Summoning the ghosts of Metal past – Tank, Slayer, Venom and Mercyful Fate all playing a part- Havoc… fixates on the nuclear fury of an apocalyptic future, from which it culls new ways to pervert the course of heavy metal in the present.Follow Aggressive Perfector into the nightmare when Havoc At The Midnight hour is released on November 1st.

Regular LP version on black vinyl, with insert, poster and sticker.
Special LP version on colored vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker and woven patch.

CD version comes with sticker.


DVP 137 Matterhorn – Crass Cleansing LP/CD

DYING VICTIM PRODUCTIONS and REDEFINING DARKNESS RECORDS are proud to announce 1st November as the international release date of the advanced label version of MATTERHORN’s debut album “Crass Cleansing” on LP, CD and Digital formats:

“Today marks a very special day to us, as we can say that our debut album «Crass Cleansing» is going to be released on vinyl for the first time on label!! Not only for the purpose of restocking our nearly gone self-released vinyl, not as plain second pressing or re-release, we used this happy chance to bring you the reworked & advanced label edition. Soldiered through the messy fap of what was the original reproduction, this is now something we’re cool to say we’re being proud of in a new level… Reworked to come closer of how you know our songs live, to fit our vision and most important, to show the group’s capability as an outstanding and inventive group, more precisely… Remixed by JB “Wonderwall” Van Der Wal because he understands the band. Remastered. Also it’s advanced to completion by two new live recorded bonus tracks «Bydying» and «Clarity», to show an insight on our forthcoming sophomore album, presenting the band in its actual state and to cut the biased sights on what we do. The new playtime is 49 minutes. All new artworks and layouts. It will be out in November on CD/Vinyl and streaming. We are happy to have found the two partners Dying Victims Productions and Redefining Darkness Records (US version) to make this possible! Our deepest gratitude!If you hated it, you may hate it for new reasons, if you loved it, you will surely love it for new reasons anew! More info to come …”

Regular Gatefold LP version on black vinyl, with 2 sided poster, sticker, download code and obi strip.
Special Gatefold LP version on colored vinyl, with 2 sided poster, sticker, download code, obi strip and woven patch.

CD version comes with sticker.