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New OLDSCHOOL METAL MILITIA playlist for the days at home!

Plus a distro update:

Ambush -- Infidel
Angel Sword – Neon City
Angel Sword - Rebels beyond the pale
AURA NOIR [official] - Out to Die
Blade Killer – s/t
Blood Feast Official - Kill for Pleasure
Bunker 66 - Chained Down in Dirt
Indian Nightmare -- By Ancient Force
LEGEND - s/t
Lethal Steel -- Running from the Dawn
Metalian -- Vortex
Morbid Saint (Official) -- Spectrum of Death
Outlaw - Marauders
RITUAL - Surrounded by Death
Stallion -- Slaves of Time
Vulture - High Speed Metal - The Guillotine

AMBUSH - Infidel
Angel Sword - Rebels beyond the pale
Sacrifice – Torment in Fire
Sacrifice – Forward to Termination
Satan's Fall - Past of
Taurus – Signo de TaurusLeather, Denim, Beer - Dig into the world of true oldschool metal! Today's heavy, speed and thrash, enhanced with some outstanding classics from the cradle to the grave – This is fist pumpin‘ underground! - - - Physical copies of most releases can be bought at
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PRE-ORDER: Karloff MLP, Warlust LP/CD, Sandstorm LP/CD

Dying Victims Productions is proud to announce that the following new releases are now available for Pre-order:

DVP 143 Karloff – Raw Nights MLP

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present KARLOFF’s debut mini-album, Raw Nights, on 12” vinyl and digital formats.

Forming in 2018, KARLOFF hail from Germany, helmed by erstwhile Graveyard Ghoul member Tom Horrified alongside a couple close comrades. But compared to that band’s old-school death metal stylings, KARLOFF go in a more punk-oriented direction – more street than cavern, as it were – with a sound self-described as “raw obscure punk turns into blackness.”

KARLOFF did exactly that with their debut Demo ’18, three thirsty ‘n’ miserable tracks of street-walking napalm. But things got more twisted ‘n’ pissed with the following Raw Nights a year later. Like a more gutter-level Midnight, here did KARLOFF kick out the (creepy) jams, strutting with sleazy confidence and an infectious sense of bash/crash/slash that struck deep into the heart of what makes the best of both punk and metal. Of course, that blackened singe is never far away, and gives KARLOFF’s canon that ever-special twist of ancient evil.

Fans from the very beginning, now does DYING VICTIMS combine both recordings onto one longer-playing format, under the title Raw Nights. Raw is this night in-fucking-deed, and you get eight quick-hitting tracks in a tantalizing 20 minutes, graced with new cover art courtesy of Tom Horrified and Jan Utecht of Occvlta. Go hard, go fast, go free: KARLOFF compel you to partake generously in Raw Nights!

Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
Special edition on colored vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.

Release date: 24th April

DVP 147 Warlust – Unearthing Shattered Philosophies LP/CD

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the highly anticipated second album of Germany’s WARLUST, Unearthing Shattered Philosophies, on CD, vinyl LP and digital formats.

One of the metal underground’s best-kept secrets, WARLUST began their assault on the false in 2012. The title of their debut demo, 2014’s Unholy Attack, said everything it needed to: here was blackthrashing METAL, steeped in the spirits of old and with genuinely evil blood coursing through its veins. However, it was 2017’s Morbid Execution debut album where WARLUST first truly took flight – on burning wings of flame! More intense, more epic, more heavy fucking metal, Morbid Execution carried on the noble work started by founding fathers Desaster in their homeland and Deströyer 666, Zemial, and Aura Noir abroad.

But, while that debut LP was still tethered to more traditional-style blackthrash, with Unearthing Shattered Philosophies do WARLUST’s songwriting chops blossom with startling strength and crushing clarity. It’s all immediately WARLUST, for sure, but within the album’s eight-song/45-minute runtime lurks a travelogue of terror and triumph, of melancholy and malevolence. Calling it more “epic” would be accurate, but that only tells half the story, if at all; allowing oneself to be swept away by both teeth-gnashing thrash sprints and strident, swords-aloft marches is more representative of the experience, of total possession, in thrall to the eternal and unyielding spirit of Hell’s heavy metal. Likewise, WARLUST’s command of dynamics here is impressive, to say the very least: part and parcel of those more epic stylings, the narrative flow within each track and then from one track to the next takes the band into the upper echelon of nowadays evil metal. And the band’s melodicism is, as ever, simultaneously cryogenic and burning hot to the touch in the grand tradition of classic Dissection and Necrophobic.

Better yet, gaze deeply into the moody art work Unearthing Shattered Philosophies and see where WARLUST lead you!

Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
Special edition on colored vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.
Cd Version with Sticker.

Release date: 24th April


DVP 148 Sandstorm – Time to Strike LP/CD

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the striking debut album of Canada’s SANDSTORM, Time to Strike, on 12” vinyl and CD formats.

Hailing from Vancouver, SANDSTORM are a power-trio in the grand tradition: PJ “The Butcher” La Griffe on drums, Reptile Anderson on lead vocals & bass guitar, and Stevie “Broke” Whiteless on lead vocals & guitar. The band formed during the winter 2017 and were initially inspired by ‘80s Swedish underground metal, the original NWOBHM movement, and “Rob Halford’s Instagram account.” While knowing (and fully embracing) all of heavy metal’s over-the-top aesthetics at the dawn of the 1980s, it became immediately apparent that SANDSTORM were indeed the Real fucking Deal when faced with their debut album, Time to Strike.

In early 2019, SANDSTORM digitally released Time to Strike and did a self-released run of 100 CDs and tapes, all of which sold out quickly, and for good reason: here was glorious (and gloriously scrappy) pre-speed/thrash HEAVY METAL in the literally ancient, sword-wielding style so favored in the early ‘80s, rendered in such authentic (and authentically over-the-top) style, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was some unearthed relic from the era. Nothing’s overdriven here, and everything moves at a patient yet hot-rocking pace; all strings suitably retain a strong sense of rock ‘n’ roll, pared back in distortion to allow the medieval melodicism to work its magick. And, like all the best early true metal, the vocals are clear and authoritative and just high-pitched enough to evoke that misty ‘n’ mystical sensation. And although Time to Strike comprises but six songs, each one’s a mini-epic in its own right, making the album a compact but somehow expansive 35 minutes.

Many references could be made to Time to Strike, but no specific one in particular – that’s just how infectious and charismatic SANDSTORM are. And this is only the beginning, with more new material due later this year on DYING VICTIMS. Additionally, SANDSTORM will play Sweden’s esteemed Muskelrock fest this year, which perfectly suits the band’s obscure ‘n’ old-school take on heavy metal. Fuck yeah, it’s Time to Strike!

Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
Special edition on colored vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.
CD Version with Sticker.


Release date: 24th April

OUT NOW: Schizophrenia + Bütcher MCs


DVP 145 Schizophrenia – Voices MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present SCHIZOPHRENIA’s debut ep “Voices” on cassette.

Despite their first output, the 4-piece from Belgium executes the four tracks in a highly energetic old school Death Metal manner, inspired by the likes of Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Slayer or Dark Angel. The band shows that brutal death thrash like Demolition Hammer or Morbid Saint has yet to see its downfall.

Regular edition with sticker and button.
Special edition with sticker and metal pin.


DVP 146 Bütcher – 666 Goats Carry My Chariot MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present BÜTCHER’s 2nd album “666 Goats Carry My Chariot” on cassette.

Deeply rooted in classic speed metal, the Belgian 4-piece, however, incorporates influences ranging from old thrash, NWOBHM/heavy to black metal and have forged a ripper of a 2nd album. Yet even though their sound on record is fantastic, one can only understand this band after witnessing one of their furious live shows!

Regular edition with sticker and button.
Special edition with sticker and metal pin.

DVP Surprise Bundles now available + price cuts on many items

Surprise Bundles available

Came up with this for all of you who do not own all DVP releases, but trust the quality of the label’s releases:

There are now several surprise bundles consisting of DVP releases which are up to 20€ cheaper compared to individual prices!

Reduced items

At the same time, make sure to check the “reduced items” section. Added lots of cds/lps/mcs, many of which are actually great, but don’t sell because of a cover art/total obscurity/disbanded status/etc.

Distro Update January 2020

The first distro update for 2020, lots of cool material!


ATTACKER – Battle at helms deep
ATTACKER – The second coming
ATTACKER – Soul taker
Bastardizer – Dawn of Domination
BLACKMAYNE – Blackmayne
BLACK VIPER – Hellions of Fire
Destructo – Demo
EMERALD Voice for the silent
Fusion Bomb – Concrete Jungle
INFERNAL ASSAULT – Forced by the Flames
METALUCIFER – Bulldozing it True
Midnight Force – Gododdin
Nocturnal Witch – Summoning Hell
Nocturnal Witch – A Thousand Pyres
Nuclear Devastation – Inferno
PENTACLE – Spectres of the Eight Ropes
RITUAL – s/t x
SADISTIC INTENT – Reawakening Horrid Thoughts
Slaughtered Priest – Iron Chains and Metal Blades
SORCERER – Incantation
VULTURE – The Guillotine
Warlust – Morbid Execution

ALPHA CENTAURI – Return of the Herakleids
AMBUSH- Hellbiter
BUNKER 66 / VUIL – Split
CHALICE- Silver Cloak
TerrifianT – s/t


Aberacion – Nadie está libre
AMBUSH – Desecrator
APOSTASY – The Sign of Darkness
APOSTASY – Sunset of the End
APOSTASY – The Blade of Hell
Bastardizer – Dawn of Domination
BONEHUNTER – Rabid Sonic Fire
Biter -The Eyes Of The Biter
Black Mass – Warlust
BLOODLUST – Leather, Steel & Hell
Bursting Out – Outburst of Blasphemy
Cloven Hoof – A Sultans Ransom
Conjure – Releasing The Mighty Conjure
DARK WIZARD – Early spells
DEFEATER – Endless Ray
DELIVERANCE – Sword Of The Necromancer
Erazor – Dust Monument
Facing Fear – Ana Jansen
FALCUN – Kingdom come
Fast Evil -The Midnight Force
FLAME – Into the Age of Fire
Fusion Bomb – Concrete Jungle
Gaskin – End Of The World
Gaskin – No Way Out
INFERNAL ASSAULT – Spectres of the Night
Indian Nightmare – Taking back the Land
IRON SPELL – Electric conjuring
JAGANNATH – Past Perfect Tense
KRAKEN – Underground 1980-1983
KRAKEN  – Abandoned
LEGION – Bible Of Stone
LEVIATHAN – Katharsis
Mayhemic – Mortuary Feast of Skeletons
Maineeaxe – Shout It Out
Maineeaxe – Going For Gold
Martyr – For The Universe
Midnight Force – Gododdin
Midnight Force – Restless Blade
Midnight Force – Dunsinane
MINDLESS SINNER – Turn on the power
MINDLESS SINNER – Master of evil
MX – mx
NIGHTHAWKS – Night Of The Witch
NOTHING SACRED  – Let Us Prey/Deathwish
Oath – Legacy
PENTACLE – Spectres of the Eight Ropes
SPARTO – 30 aniversario – 1988 en directo 2018 – Víctimas, heroes CD/DVD
Steel Night – Fight Till The End
STRIKELIGHT – Beyond the afterglow
VAULT Burning Eyes – The Anthology
Vomit Of Doom – Cipriano Years
WAR DANCE – Wrath for the ages
White Mantis – Sacrifice Your Future
Witching Hour – Rise of the Desectrated
WRATHBLADE – God of the deep unleashed
XCEL – Deliver This Dream


Abigail – The final Damnation
Blasfemia – Ancient Occult Wisdom
Blüdwülf – Cryptic Revelations
Evil Madness – Hidden behind the Cross
R’Lyeh – Ritual of Darkness
Scald – North Winds
Terrorist – Left in Desolation

Ancient Spirit Terror #5

DVP 139 Iron Curtain – Danger Zone LP BOX finally in!


Includes everything from the special editon (A2 sized Poster, Insert, Sticker, Download Code and woven patch) + splatter vinyl, A1 sized Poster, silk screened back patch and a big button.