Merch for the Dying

Official Metal Pins:

Slaughter – Surrender or die

Indian Nightmare – Skull Metal Pin 2nd edition

Ranger – Combat Metal

Tarot – Logo Metal Pin

Violator – Logo Metal Pin

Indian Nightmare – Skull Metal Pin SOLD OUT


Hellbringer – Skull Metal Pin



Witching Hour – Past Midnight


Whipstriker – Logo


Power from Hell – Logo



Morast – LogoA3719C9AC11D61118F803BC7490C972B

Chapel of Disease – Logo6E5D3C28C24D937663E98A58990602D3


Condor – Unstoppable Power

42B42C822E0193F23784B988B6E81708 (800x566)


Iron Kobra – LogoD98F634F99BD4941E0400B215DC34607 (800x518)

Division Speed – Winged Initials SOLD OUT

DS Pin I

Occvlta – Are you happy?

Occvlta Pin

Nocturnal Witch – Logo

Nocturnal Witch pin


Official Shirts:

Wardance – Heaven is for sale

Sign of the Jackal – Breaking the Spell

Iron Kobra – Kerker & Drachen Hooded Zipper

Iron Kobra – Kerker & Drachen

Power from Hell – Spikes’n’Blood

Power from Hell – Spikes’n’Blood Hooded Zipper



Bulldozer – The Final Separation


Bulldozer Shirt (791x800)

Sacrifice – Torment in Fire

P1060788 (755x800)


Cloven Hoof – s/t P1060789 (768x800)

Ashbury – Endless Skies Girlie SOLD OUT



P1060796 (615x800)



Ashbury – Endless Skies SOLD OUTP1060793 (723x800)


Official Patches:


Violator – Hidden Face of Death

Ashbury – Band

Indian Nightmare

Iron Kobra  РKerker & Drachen Patch


Hellbringer – Awakened from the Abyss

Sacrifice – Torment in Fire


Cloven Hoof – s/t


Asbury – Endless Skies SOLD OUT


Official Poster Flags:

Power from Hell – Spikes’n’Blood

Iron Kobra – Kerker & Drachen

Indian Nightmare – Warrior

Hellbringer – Awakened from the Abyss