New Pre-Order: Hexecutor, Power from Hell, Torpedo, Road Warrior, Hitten, Challenger, Bandit CDs, LPs, MCs


Dying Victims Productions presents its first releases of 2019.

6 new CDs, 1 LP and 1 Cassette from heavy to speed, thrash and black metal are now up for pre-order, all to be released in mid/late March 2019.



DVP 109 Hexecutor – Hangmen of Roazhon MCD The French maniacs of […]

Out now! Hexecutor, Ice War, Mortal Scepter / Deathroned, Axe Battler, Stunner, Spiker

DVP 102 Mortal Scepter / Deathroned – Split 12” MLP

Two young French thrash hordes have united for this harsh attack. The MLP contains three tracks of each bands, two originals as well as covers of Violent Force (Deathroned) and Death (Mortal Scepter). The choice also shows the slight differences in their sound with the […]

Out Now: Convent Guilt, Violent Force / Up for Pre-order: Axe Battler, Stunner, Spiker

Out now!

Convent Guilt – Diamond Cut Diamonds Special edition

2nd album by these Australians. Catchy heavy metal! Special edition with sticker and metal pin.

Violent Force – Logo Pin Official metal pin – one of the great unsung heroes of German 80s thrash metal! Limited to 150 copies.


Up for Pre-Order, […]

20 % sale at Dying Victims Productions

DVP needs room for the upcoming LP and CD releases – help me clear some storage space!

20 % Sale at Dying Victims Productions

Don’t waste your money on black Friday at Amazon – buy underground metal instead! Most items are available in limited quantities only, so […]

Out now! Music Cassette Mania with Black Viper, JT Ripper, Convent Guilt, Outlaw, Midnight Force and Tøronto

DVP 110 Black Viper – Hellions of Fire MC Norwegian speed metal, savage debut album.

Regular edition with sticker and button. Special edition with sticker and metal pin.

DVP 111 JT Ripper – Gathering of the Insane MC German three-piece with their 2nd album. Thrash as fuck.

Regular edition […]