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DVP 105 Megathérion – Megathérion MC After some slight delay the tape edition of the debut output by this new Black/Thrash from Germany with (ex-)members of Cruel Force and Eurynomos is finally out!

regular edition with button & sticker

special edition with sticker and metal pin

Listen: https://dyingvictimsproductions.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/dying-victims-productions

Order: www.dyingvictims.com/shop


Out now!

Order at www.dyingvictims.com/shop

DVP 101 Wardance – Heaven is for sale LP / CD / T-Shirt

Reissue of this overlooked Speed Metal album from 1990. Strong female vocals give the record a great individual touch. Remastered for Vinyl and CD.

CD version with sticker and bonus tracks from their 1988 MLP and 1994 Demo. Regular […]

No shipping between 8th and 17th September

Taking a break between 8th and 17th of September, the shop will remain open and every order will be sent quickly afterwards.

About the new releases:

DVP 101 Wardance – Heaven is for Sale LP /CD DVP 105 Megathérion – s/t MC DVP 106 Nightmare – s/t MC DVP 107 Crime – First Crime CD


Out now: Official patches and metal pins

The merch got in a bit early and everything looks great! Order now:

Official Metal Pins, lim. 100 pieces

Ashbury (USA) – Endless Skies (lim. 150) SLAUGHTER (Canada) – Surrender or die Indian Nightmare – Skull (2nd edition) Ranger – Combat Metal

Official Woven Patches

Ashbury – Band (lim. 200) Indian Nightmare – Thrash […]

Loads of Pre-Orders / Huge Distro Update

Summer pause is over!

Now up for Pre-Order at www.dyingvictims.com/shop

All to be released early/mid September


DVP 98 Spectre – Silver Invaders/Stand Alone 7” Hobart’s creative mastermind Will (Tarot, The Wizar’d, Torpedo, Dracula) is back with two slabs of traditional Heavy Metal, influenced by the NWOBHM and Scandinavian Metal from the 80s.

regular edition […]