Power from Hell + Tension MLPs out now!


DVP 92 Power from Hell – Spikes’n’Blood MLP

The Brazilian three piece delivers another slab of black, speed, thrash metal madness. This time they put the black metal influences into the foreground but never leave their filthy roots from the 2004 “The true Metal” LP behind.

Regular edition on black wax, incl. Insert, […]


Dvp 95 Iron Kobra – Kerker & Drachen 7“

The German underground heroes are back and two years after their amazing sophomore album they want to honour their old German metal scene, the East German GDR scene in particular. Thus they composed two tunes with lyrics in their native tongue. Writing German lyrics is a […]

Out now! Terrörhammer CD + Indian Nightmare Flag and Shirts + Hellbringer Patch and Flag

DVP 96 Terrörhammer – In the Name of Hell MCD

Some years after their 2015 debut album “Under the unholy Command” the Serbians are back with their barbaric blend of black, speed and thrash metal. For fans of the first wave of black metal!

The cd comes with a sticker.

Indian Nightmare – […]

New releases out now and up for Pre-order

Out Now:

Indian Nightmare – Metal Pin Berlin based thrashing metal punks with an official Metal Pin, limited to 100 pieces.

Hellbringer – Metal Pin Australia’s manic thrashers with an official Metal Pin, limited to 100 pieces.


Scheduled late January:

DVP 96 Terrörhammer – In the Name of Hell MCD

Some years […]

No shipping til 2nd of January

Over the holidays the shop will remain open and orders can be placed but there wont be any shipping until 2nd of January 2018. Orders up until today will be shipped tomorrow on dec 22nd. www.dyingvictims.com/shop […]

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25 % off the (almost) entire webshop. Tons of killer LPs, CDs, MCs, Tshirts, Patches, Metal Pins and more.

The sale will run for a week. Help me make some room for new releases in 2018.




DVP 90 Throaat – Reflections in Darkness CD

The thrashing black metal force from New York is back with the debut album of sepulchral, ancient and disgusting metal!

Digipack with a sticker.

Out Now!

DVP 77 Hexecutor – Poison, Lust and Damnation LP

Relentless debut album – killer thrash metal massacre from France.

Regular edition on black vinyl, printed inner, poster, sticker and download code. Special edition (more than half already gone!) on blue vinyl, printed inner, poster, sticker, download code and patch.






New releases out now + new pre-orders

Out Now!

DVP 81 JT Ripper / Morbid Panzer – Revenge of the Morbid Ripper 7”

Two young german hordes unite for this split 7″. Blackened speed/thrash meets black thrash. Each band presents two tracks which will crack your skulls.

DVP 88 Thrash Attack zine #11

11th issue of the (mainly) speed/thrash metal fanzine. […]

Up for Pre-Order

Check some tunes here: https://soundcloud.com/dying-victims-productions DVP 90 Throaat – Reflections in Darkness LP / CD After several demo and ep releases as well as line-up changes, the force from New York is back with the debut album. Leaving some of the thrash roots in the background the two-piece now concentrates more on the harsh and […]