Dying Victims Production goes into hibernation – Expect news in late 2016.

Due to travels the label will be on hold until my return.
Until then get in touch with the bands in order to buy their releases on the label, I made sure all of them have plenty of copies.

Moreover, aside from various distros which have been trading with me, there are also some distributors who carry more of the releases. Their supply won’t last until DVP is back, but still.

Heavy Chains Records (

High Roller Records (
Into Dungeons (
Iron Bonehead (

Apocalyptic Empire Records (

All open orders will be shipped early next week.

Summer Blowout Sale: 25 %

Since I will be travelling for quite a while, the shop has to be closed and as many items as possible have to go.
The sale will go on for a limited time and the shop will be closed in mid/end August before hibernation. Expect DVP’s comeback in late 2016!



DVP: Shredding The Iron Curtain



I compiled a mix tape of DVP tracks and some underground gems for my buddy Dylan at Vice/A Fist in the Face of God.

Better check it at his own Blog, because the version for Vice had to be shortened:




Out now: DVP 64 Mion’s Hill – Torture LP

Mions HIll

Out now: DVP 63 Vigilance – Hounds of Megiddo LP

20150610_153134 20150610_154923

Out now: DVP 61 Whipstriker/Bastardizer – Strike of the Bastard 10″

20150610_152136 20150610_152554

Out now: DVP 57 Iron Kobra – Might and Magic LP



No shipping between 21.5 – 1.6.15 / shop remains open

I will be gone for a while, shop remains open. Thanks for the patience all orders will be shipped after July 1st.

New releases up for preorder!

Up for preorder!

DVP 65 Dresden DCD and DVP 67 Poseidon CD out now!

DVP 65 Dresden – Anthology Double CD
Reissue of the overlooked but great thrash album “Too many Skeletons” by the US band Dresden, originally released in ‘86. The second CD includes tracks from recording sessions that should have become the second album, “Reign of Terror the Dark Lords”, but were never unleashed.














DVP 67 Poseidon – Back from the Abyss – The Anthology CD
Reissue of the undeservedly overlooked German thrash band Poseidon’s one and only MLP and preceding demo. Both were released in 1989.