5 New releases: Condor MC, Töxik Death MC, Demon Bitch MC, Barrow Wight 7″, Speedbreaker CD

Temporary only payments via paypal

Wegen Update der Shopsoftware derzeit nur Bezahlung per Paypal möglich, ansonsten bitte eine email senden um die Kontodaten zu erhalten.

Due to a software update only payments via paypal are possible. Otherwise get in touch via mail in order to receive bank details.

Relocation complete. Back in Germany

The DVP headquarters are back in Germany. Shipping is way cheaper again.
Since I will be on the road a lot in the next few months, might IRON ELA of IRON KOBRA will take care of the shipping.

All other label duties remain in my hands, i.e. nothing is changed.
Expect a ton of killer new releases, including
DVP 43 Condor – Condor MC
DVP 44 Töxik Death – Speed Metal Hell MC
DVP 45 Cadaveric Poison – Fight for Evil 7”
DVP 46 Demon Bitch – Death is hanging MC
DVP ?? Gatekrashör – Gatekrashör MC
DVP ?? Speedbreaker – Built for Speed CD
DVP ?? Töxik Death/Condor – Split 7”
DVP ?? Whipstriker – Black Rose Killz 7”
DVP ?? Barrow Wight 7”

4 new cassette releases out now! DVP 39-42

4 new cassettes out now!

Cassette Onslaught

Official promo video of Iron Dogs – Firebird

Iron Dogs and Iron Curtain – new albums + merch

DVP 33 Iron Dogs – Free and Wild Digipack CD

Killer 2nd album by the Canadian two piece. Mix some nwobhm influences, traditional heave and speed metal and you got their sound.
All available in a bundle!

Digi pack CD:

Full Coloured Shirt:



Logo Metal Pin:



Iron Curtain – Jaguar Spirit ‚band photo’ shirt
Killer two coloured shirt for the great 2nd album by this speed metal band from Spain. Traditional heavy metal that will kick your ass. Slipcase cd with an alternative cover.
Bundle with CD

Slipcase CD



Baseball Shirt

Shop reopened, Perversifier MC, new Logo

1. So finally, after a way longer period of time than expected, the new shop is running. It had to be done completely new, so unfortunately you will have to sign up again, even if youre a returning customer. If anything does not work, please get in touch!

2. Relocation to the UK means that the distro is way smaller for now and I’m also gonna be more picky with trades since the apartment is small and the time here is rather short. That’s also why the currency is still euros.

3. Latest release DVP 32 Perversifier – Perverting the Masses MC is on the way and should arrive in few days. Already up for ordering!


4. Next releases which are gonna go to pressing in the next weeks:
DVP 33 Iron Dogs – Wild and Free digipack CD (expect merchandise as well)
DVP 34 Iron Curtain – Jaguar Spirit CD
DVP 35 Whipstriker / Bulldozing Bastard – Split MC

5. New Logo:

Webshop under construction

The shop has been closed longer than expected, but should be back within 2 weeks since it has been under construction for a while now.

Also due to my relocation to the UK, there will be a smaller distro section, yet all own DVP releases will be offered.

New releases are already in the pipeline!