No Shipping from 21.03 – 01.04.2015

From the 21.03. – 01.04.2015 I will be gone and no orders can be shipped in that period. The shop will remain open though! Upon my return all orders will be shipped, or brought to Raging Death Date festival if you mention together with your phone number in the comment box.
Thanks for your patience.

DVP 57 Iron Kobra – Might and Magic CD and MC out now!

The Heavy Metal Warriors of Iron Kobra are finally back with their second album “Might and Magic”. Taking no prisoners they deliver 8 new hymns of real, speedy heavy metal.

The CD and MC version are out now. Unfortunately there was a problem with the Tshirt and Muscle Shirts, so please allow some extra time and have some more patience. It is not in my hands at the moment.
Lp version is at the pressing plant but due to the Record Store Day it will take some more time.



No shipping from 19.02. – 5.03.15 / shop stays open

From the 19.02. – 5.03.2015 I will be gone and no orders can be shipped in that period. The shop will remain open though! Upon my return in early march all orders will be shipped.
Thanks for your patience.

Moreover two new releases will be out once I am back:
DVP 57 Iron Kobra – Might and Magic CD/MC
DVP 59 Sanctifying Ritual – Sadistic Remains MC

30% Sale 22.01-25.01.15

In order to make room for the upcoming batch of releases there is a current 30% sale on almost the whole webshop.

22nd – 5th January no orders shipped

From 22nd – 5th of January no orders will be shipped, the shop remains open though. Thanks for your patience.

Upcoming releases in the first half of 2015

Headquarters are moved

The time that Sir Serpent from Iron Kobra has helped out by sending out orders is over and the DVP headquarters are again fully under my command. Eternal thanks for the support.

To celebrate this, every order over 30€ will receive a bonus until Monday next week (13.10.14):
>30€ : a tape of my choice
>60€ : a cd of my choice
>90€ : a LP of my choice

order here:

P.S.: as you can imagine there is still a lot to be sorted out, so please bear with me and allow some extra time if the order takes a bit longer to arrive, thanks!

Condor / Töxik Death – Victims of Burning Death 7″ out now!

split foto

Whipstriker – Black Rose Killz 7″

5 New releases: Condor MC, Töxik Death MC, Demon Bitch MC, Barrow Wight 7″, Speedbreaker CD